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Why Did The Woman Cross The Road? 

 ‘Sexual harassment affects the lives of nearly every woman in the UK.’ 

 Women and Equalities Committee 

Our latest performance 'Why Did The Woman Cross The Road?' is a dark comedy following the lives of multiple women using verbatim transcripts from interviews we conducted with women living in London. We also use variety of research into the issue of Public Sexual Harassment as stimulus with the aim of demonstrating the impact of this problem on women. Feeling unsafe has been normalised and the things we do to keep safe feels like second nature and often goes unnoticed.


We spoke to 30+ women about their experiences of PSH and used these to examine the questions 'What makes women feel safe in public spaces?' & 'what are the immediate and long-term effects of PSH on women and girls?'

We use physical theatre, movement, song, elements of clowning and multimedia to tell our story.  


We will explore the juxtaposition between the strong and empowered women we appear to be in environments where we feel safe and the amount of vulnerability and crippling fear that can grip us in a situation where we do not feel safe such as walking alone or using public transport.


We feel the world keeps being made smaller for women and girls and we want to disrupt peoples thinking in order to change this. It is not normal to carry your keys between your fingers in one hand and have a rape alarm and detector spray in the other when you are walking home from work, school or using the tube.

We are currently in the R&D stage of our performance exploring the verbatim material, workshopping ideas and working with other creatives to explore the themes and refining our process and method. 

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